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Tourette Syndrome: The One Itch Gold Bond Can’t Relieve

As we move along with the growth of my podcast, I’m tackling subjects I’ve been wanting to touch upon for a while. This time, I’m talking about Tourette Syndrome and everything in between it. As someone who struggles with tics and the anxieties that come with it, I want to use my voice for good. So, in order to show you a side of Tourette Syndrom beyond the common “f” bombs, let’s dig in.

What is Tourette Syndrome Beyond the Stereotype?

When I talk about tics, I’m not necessarily talking about pests on a dog but more so about pests of the mind. Tourette Syndrome is a heavily stereotyped and misunderstood neurological disorder that causes the sufferer to have involuntary movements, sounds, or both together. Some people have stronger forms of Tourette than others, but what comes in common is the major discomfort. Overall, this is something one cannot control without therapy and possibly medications; the struggle can be embarrassing.

Tourette Syndrome is a True bITCH

Have you ever walked in a public setting where you all of a sudden had an itch inside your butthole or on your genitals? And you know how it’s so taboo to scratch that itch? And as you continue to walk, can you visualize that sense of anxiety you feel as the itch gets worse and you STILL can’t scratch it? If so, this is exactly what Tourette Syndrome is like and it isn’t fun. In fact, it’s the worst when your tics become phrases and noises that the public can’t comprehend.

Let’s Change the Conversation

Most of this episode has an undertone of “it’s time to change the conversation” because it truly is time. Let’s talk about Tourette Syndrome like we talk about our allergies, rashes, and all other itches. Many itches have Benedryl and Cortisone cream, but Tourette Syndrome is the one itch Gold Bond can’t solve. Are you ready to move on and up?

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