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There is No Such Thing as “Manorexia”

Now, I know the title may have you thinking that I’m about to deny the fact that men struggle with eating disorders. However, I’m not. I’ve dedicated this episode to the subject of men with eating disorders, the stigmas behind it, and what it’s like to experience it. Eating disorders take anyone hostage regardless of their genitalia and gender identity. So, without giving away the bulk of the episode, I’m going to touch upon the basics! 🙂

Men With Eating Disorders

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, about one in three persons with an eating disorder are male. Additionally, it is estimated that about ten million men will be affected by some sort of eating disorder at one point or another. The estimated number seems like a stretch, but busting stigmas and stereotypes about men with eating disorders will make more sense of it. In general, eating disorders affect millions of all backgrounds, classes, creeds, genders, and more and it’s a hard situation.

Body Image and the Social Media Curse

Within the episode, I’m going into the deep on how social media has a major impact on body image, and mostly in the worst way possible. I make my best effort to touch upon society’s ass kissing of perfection and how it affects those with eating disorders. Unfortunately, we still live in a society where the perfectly sculpted man is a God. While there is the God, the woman with the slim figure, big ass, and really big boobs is the Goddess. In reality, it’s all an illusion; in my mind, it’s a trigger.

Eating Habits vs. Mentality

Towards the end of the episode, I begin to expose my own personal wounds that I barely share with anyone. I share what it’s like inside my head as a man with an eating disorder. Besides the inside of my head, I talk more about how eating disorders are more than just disordered eating. At the end of the day, eating patterns can change, but the skeletons in the closet remain.

Overall, I stand firmly with my belief that we need to change the way we talk about eating disorders. Men with eating disorders suffer just as much as women, while both genders suffer in unison. Admitting that I’m a man with an eating disorder isn’t for pity, but to empower other men to talk about their own. Beyond just men, I truly believe it’s time we all open up on the subject of mental health. By doing so, we can eradicate the word “manorexia” and the actual disease of anorexia as well.

As promised, below are the resources I mention in the episode. Additionally, I’ve attached the link to the story of the El Paso Zoo. I wish you all so much healing, love, and shit ton of laughter to get you through the day!

Kite Hill

El Paso Zoo

National Eating Disorders Association

Alliance for Eating Disorders



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