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5 Reasons Why Dogs are Superior to the Human Race

Dogs are superior to mankind, period. Given the climate of today’s world and the direction humanity is headed, it only makes sense. While we spend time murdering each other metaphorically and literally, dogs spend time giving affection. In a world where love will break your heart in the form of a cheater, a dog will fill the void. For every flaw that exists within our system, dogs always rise above by nature. With that being said, here are five reasons dogs are superior to mankind! 

#1. Dogs don’t pressure people to lose weight.

cute picture meme of fat dogs and diets
Found on https://thoughtcatalog.com/clint-conway/2016/04/adorable-dog-memes/

Ever come across one too many people who made a sly comment about your body weight? How about interacting with an overzealous salesman at Gold’s Gym pushing a membership on you? Did they ever invade your personal space by telling you to lose ten pounds with an “or else” attitude? Personally, I’ve been told that I look too sick at my body weight by people I don’t even know nor asked. It’s caused me so much body image issues, but never by the woof of my dogs. 

A dog will never tell you to put down that piece of cake and chew a carrot stick. Nor will an irresistibly cute pooch try their best to introduce you to your index finger. In fact, the only way a dog would ever want you to eat less is so that there could be more scraps for them. Out of all the people in your life making comments about your weight, at least a dog only cares about food. 

#2. Dogs don’t think with their genitalia.

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Most people find it hard to trust their romantic partner given how much infidelity there is in the world. Sometimes, soap opera situations become reality for many people when they’ve been done dirty. And in a world where it’s easier now than ever to cheat, how can you easily trust someone? Maybe it’s a personal projection, but this happens to so many people because many think with their crotch. However, dogs certainly don’t!

Rest assured that so long as you feed your four legged child, they will love you endlessly. Dogs aren’t interested in another man’s wealth, better looks, and perceived perfections. They are simply loyal to you because you are their world. Nothing more and nothing less. A dog’s life depends on the ability of a human being to take care of them. Now, see how that is a definite with dogs and not with romance? Fido already knows he/she has it good! 

#3. You can fart around your dog and poop with the door open.

Meme about blaming our farts on our dogs
Found at https://www.aboutfamilypets.com/how-do-i-stop-my-dog-farting-all-the-time/

Everybody poops, even the Pope and Madonna. Furthermore, everyone farts. However, let’s be honest and admit that those two are the most taboo bodily functions to even mention in society. Imagine you’re in a new relationship and spending time at their house and need to poop and fart simultaneously. You really think it would be easy off the bat to break that barrier and not be poop shy? I can already feel my asscheeks clenching at the thought of being stuck like that!

But you know who doesn’t mind the stench of your farts and turds? A DOG! In fact, dogs fart with no shame at all and can drop a deuce wherever they please.  They’re so shameless with that to the point that there will be no shame from them when you do it too. Even after your first day of rescuing your new pooch, you can fart freely and take a dump with an open door. There is NO judgement from the dog, and that’s SOOOO liberating!

#4. Dogs could care less if you’re a Democrat or a Republican.

A golden retriever dog with an "I Voted Today" sticker on its forehead
found at http://www.pawculture.com/lifestyle/culture/dogs-show-their-voter-pride-in-the-2016-presidential-election/

Nowadays, it’s dangerous to have an opinion in America. Politics is a divisive subject bringing out the worst in people from all sides of the spectrum. If you love Trump, you’re a Nazi. And if you don’t love Trump, you’re a dirty liberal and a socialist. It seems to be there is no in between nor space to express your opinions freely and openly. That can be isolating for many people of many spectrums, but dogs can’t fill out a voter’s ballot. 

Fido doesn’t worry about who is stealing American jobs nor who can stay or leave the country. He/she is not “with her” nor interested in “making America great again” because there are more important things to worry about. So, the only reason a dog would chew up your MAGA hat or Stop Trump t-shirt is because they are severely bored. In short, dogs don’t give a fuck about politics but care immensely about your cuddles and kisses.

#5. Dogs don’t fake their feelings for you nor talk smack behind your back. 

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Me and my four legged daughter, Malka

If you aren’t a fake type of person, then you’ve certainly experienced fake people many times in your life. The problem is that most people will smile to your face and then burn a picture of you behind your back. Many a person is an opportunist looking for what you can give to them rather than who you are. Call me cynical, but there is a lot of truth to what I’m saying. The majority of people you come across are the ones to hide behind the skin of their teeth.

With a dog, you will know whether or not you are loved. They wear their feelings on their fur, loving or not. The only time a dog would ever be an opportunist is when you have a treat in your hand. Otherwise, if a dog loves you then they will suffocate you with their horrid breath and giant tongues. On the other hand, most dogs will show their loathing of you by not paying you much attention. Ultimately, you’re getting the truth from a dog upfront and not wasting your time wondering on a human!

Give your dog all the love you are capable of giving as a thank you!

If you have a dog, then spoil the fuck of them and give endless pets on the butt. If not, then get on rescuing or adopting one because this will make life a better place for you both. Dogs will never break your heart the way a human being can and most likely will at one point in your life. That said, spoil them with the best toys possible. I personally recommend the OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy because it will keep your dog busy 24/7. 

You will never regret inviting a dog into your life. If you do, then get a cat because they are amazing as well! 

XO – Prince Savage

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