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Bathing with a Bath Bomb May Be Best Aide for Depression and Anxiety

When it comes to mental health and self-care, most of us tend to focus on therapy and medications. Personally, making sure my cocktail of pills is set up properly before I leave home each morning is vital. And while both therapy and medications are important, we tend to neglect the little pleasures in life. By little pleasures I mean a long bubble bath filled with magical colors and healing aromas. Even more so bubbles that soothe away your physical and emotional aches and pains, courtesy of a quality and luxurious bath bomb

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All about the therapeutic magic of taking a bath

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In general, taking a bath may be the most therapeutic ritual in existence. Personally, falling into the water makes me feel as if the baggage of my mental illness is simply sliding off my shoulders. In literature, water can be seen as a symbol of cleansing, purity, and renewal; it only makes sense that bathing embodies that. In fact, last Valentine’s Day I took a bubble bath with a bomb to keep my mind off how lonely I felt. Not only did it work, but it enhanced my perspectives on self-care and love. For that reason, bathing should be emphasized when talking self-care routines. 

As a matter of fact, bathing should be a must for those wanting to bring more to their routine maintenance of their mental illness. Personally, I view a bubble bath as liquid Xanax in a tub filled with healing magic. Aside from Valentine’s Day, there had been days where I spent the time crying for no reason. And you know what helped me the most? Going home, drawing a warm bath, dropping a bath bomb, lighting an incense stick, and being one with the water. It is super holistic, cheaper than what insurance won’t cover, and super fun! 

What the bath bomb will bring to you

The bath bomb itself comes into play by enhancing the experience in the tub. Not only will bubbles begin to form in multiple colors, but aromatic scents and essential oils will nurture your skin. Additionally, a surprise can come from a children’s bath bomb with a toy placed in the center set to arise after fizzing away. With this kind of surprise, you’re bound to have your mind focused on something aside from whatever is emotionally stabbing you on the inside. And whether it be a toy in the middle, luscious oils, or aromatic scents, the experience itself is one worth having every night.

After the longest day of futile panic and tears lacking purpose, you owe it to yourself to do this. Nurture your inner child and bathe in a pastel of your favorite colors. Just like adult coloring books have come as a form of emphasizing child activity for meditation, bubble baths will do the same for you. The energy can be so draining to the point where you feel like letting go of all the strings holding you hostage. As a human being, you don’t deserve that. Allow yourself to be five years old again and bathe in bubbles, colors, skin remedies, and more. 

Picking the best bath bomb for you

In my opinion, Sky Organics has the best gift set and it’s a perfect start for all things bombing and healing. What I love most about Sky Organics is the quality of their ingredients above everything else. They use nothing but natural and quality organic ingredients to craft a beautifully colored and healthy bomb. And on the subject of soap and ingredients, the best kind of any soap product in general is the organic kind. Much of what we are used to using comes with the harshest chemicals that we don’t even know about. 

With this gift set, you have six different bath bombs to choose from. If you are new to bath bombs in general, then variety is what you need. One night you could be feeling a coconut scent with a hint of mint. And the next night? Most definitely a bomb filled with scents of fresh roses and ripe strawberries to top off the longest of your days. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this and you’re setting yourself up for a whole new realm of healing. 

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The bomb is in your court.

Overall, bath bombs can create a colorful explosion of happiness not only in your tub but your mind too. Bubbles, scents, and soft skin may fill the void caused by wanting more than just pills and therapists. Granted, never give up on your medication nor therapy if it’s working; this is simply another tool to help you feel better. Allow for yourself to be a child again and enjoy the simplicity of bubbles and the assortments of scents and oils for your skin. After all, you deserve nothing but the best. 

Also, I want to add that even though I am an Amazon Associate earning from qualifying purchases, I also care a lot about humanity. Personally, I still go through days where I’m crying for no reason and the marks on my arm prove it. However, bathing has been magical for me and even more so with a bath bomb. Knowing that other people suffer like I do and worse, I cannot sit by and keep these treasures to myself. So, to yours in healing I wish you the best and the most fun with these soapy goodies.


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