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Anal Sex is Mind Blowing When Using Organic Lube

A happy bum makes for an explosive orgasm 

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Anal sex is both a forbidden fruit for straight couples and a necessary evil (maybe) for gay men. Now, I know what you’re thinking reading this if you’ve never had to think of this before: WTF? Right? Well, the thing is that regardless of your sexuality, whatever kind of lube you allow inside of you is important. It’s more than important; it’s crucial to the success of anal sex and your precious butthole. Anal sex comes with a lot of fears and one of the best tips anyone could give is to use proper lube. With that comes the need for proper research, but I’ve already done that for you!

*This article contains Amazon affiliate links, meaning that I will make a commission based off your purchase through the link with no additional cost to you*

There are harmful chemicals put in many lube products

When you’re looking into sex products, many of them contain chemicals that are horrible for your body and backdoor crevice. Parabens, for example, are one of the harshest preservatives one could find. These little devils have been caught causing cancer, disrupting the endocrine system, and wreaking topical havoc on the skin. Could you imagine putting a paraben up your butt knowing all of this? Without knowing, you would loathe anal sex and miss out on the most mind blowing feelings you can get.

And it gets even worse. Lube can contain glycerin, a sugar alcohol that will invite bacteria to your rear when used in excess. If glycerin won’t be the culprit of your yeast infection, then all fingers could point to petroleum jelly. Vaseline may also cause bacterial infections due to its lasting consistency. Additionally, petroleum jelly may increase the risk of the condom breaking. All of these added chemicals do much more harm than good and can inhibit the pleasure that comes with anal sex.

Lubricants without all these harsh chemicals will leave your sexual cravings satisfied and your booty hole intact!

Enhancing anal sex with the right type of base in the lube

More than avoiding chemicals, the base of the lube you use will determine whether or not you’ll be a feen for anal sex. The original choices of a base were between water and silicone. However, the movement to strip everything of harsh chemicals has diversified the choices you have. Some companies have gone above and beyond the two and sought out mother nature’s finest. In particular, aloe vera has become the perfect choice as well as coconut oil and other natural moisturizers. 

Aloe Cadabra is one of the leading organic lube products and I’ve attached this picture with a link for you to click and check out. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a commission off any qualifying purchase. 

Back to the basics of water vs. silicone, H2O is another base that is here to stay for the long run. Many people absolutely love a water based lube because it is the least messy to handle. In general, there is a major frustration that comes with having to clean your butt, hands, and sheets from sticky lubes. Anal sex is dirty enough as it is, so why put in any other effort to clean up? Water based lubes solve that problem and the water itself is a natural ingredient that’s good for all of the body. Ultimately, personal preference and experience will be your best guide.

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Personal recommendations for all holes, tight and loose

*I’m using Amazon affiliate links, meaning that I will make a commission based off your purchase through the link with no additional cost to you*

I’m going to recommend a water based lube as well as an unconventional based one based on personal experience. With that being said, Isabel Fay has the best water based lubricant in my opinion. Aside from this one being water based, it is also free from all the nasty chemicals that I had mentioned above. And you know what that means? The sun will shine where it never does both during and after anal sex, regardless of how many times you have done it. If you’re looking for a very clean feel, than this product is the best way to go.

Click to be directed to where you can purchase your next favorite lube!

Now, with all things unconventional, I am absolutely a fan of the aloe based lubes that are available. Aloe vera is your skin’s best friends and your booty would be no exception. All things considered, my personal go-to is Almost Naked by Good Clean Love. Not only is it organic, but it also does its job as a lubricant and allows you to enjoy riding on top pain-free. The best part about this brand is that it’s also scented with a hint of lemon and vanilla to truly arouse the senses while doing all things sensual. If you are new to anal sex then this would be the best welcoming present for you, your butthole, and your partner. 

Go get ’em tiger! 

If this is your first time having anal sex, please invest in your health along the way by using an organic lube. I promise you that anal sex might become your favorite hobby with all this in mind. You don’t need all of those chemicals in one bottle to achieve what mother nature’s finest can give you already. And if you are lonely and single like me, then I compel you to invest in the best lube for your own personal needs. 

To yours in anal, I wish you the best – Prince Savage 

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