Get To Know Me!

Brett Elle

I’m already overthinking this biography, but here it goes! My name is Brett and I’m a comedian, singer, songwriter, and professional starving artist from Bocunt (Boca) Raton, Florida. I was once upon a hair strand a top 24 finalist on American Idol’s tenth season and am forever a Berklee College of Music graduate, but these don’t define me. In fact, I only mention it because maybe some people will remember? Anyhoot, I’m presently finding my place in this world and through the process, I’ve become inspired to start this platform.

Why Reflections of a Savage?

naked picture of tattooed guy

I came up with the name for this podcast and blog through a hashtag I made for every nude picture I’d post on Instagram (of course, with an emoji covering my cheeks). For me, I identify with the word “savage” because, by definition, a savage doesn’t give a flying fuck. My whole life, I was told it was a sin to be my authentic self and to speak my true thoughts and feelings. However, in spite of it all, I still gave the finger and stayed true to myself. I want to share this energy with the world and give a fresh perspective on life and everything inside it.

Of course, I’m no perfect person nor the only one in the world, but I have so much on my mind that I need to get off my chest. I want to make people say “same here” when they hear me talk about anything and everything because no one else has said it. Fuck political correctness and everything that silences our inner raunchy, fucked up, and blunt selves. So, without further ado, I implore you to read my posts, listen to the podcast, and subscribe for more “same here” moments to get you through the day. You and I? We aren’t alone and it’s time to embrace our inner savages <3

If being our true authentic selves is the deadliest sin of them all, then let’s burn in hell together!

Brett Elle